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As a Guywire Advisor Denis brings 48 years of experience in developing leaders in the marketplace and ministry. 

Denis’ mission statement focuses on “Helping people determine their God-given abilities and setting them free to use them.” He’s been privileged to work with men and women that by fulfilling roles of Mentoring Director, Recruiter, Fund-Raiser, Professor, Pastor, Trainer, Speaker, Consultant and Coach involving men and women who are occupying positions in various walks of life in the States and in various parts of the world

DAK utilizes the assessments and skills acquired from Lions Lead, 6Seconds and John Maxwell certifications to assist leaders in various walks of life to live out their uniqueness. Nothing excites him more than to see “the lights go on” as his clients not only identify their passion but determine how they can contribute to the world.

He has lived on both coasts and in between, while raising a family. He holds a Th.M. from Dallas Seminary and is currently enrolled in a Doctorate program focused on the impact of coaching on those seeking to develop one aspect of their Spiritual Emotional Intelligence. During his travels in recent years, he has also gained a greater understanding of leadership demands while listening and learning from leaders in Kosovo, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi. 

His models for life have been a fellow named Barnabas, “The Encourager” from The Bible and Teddy Roosevelt, the Rough Rider.

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Denis Keith

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