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Scott is most excited about helping those he serves to make meaningful shifts in their behavior in order to create outstanding results in their life.  As a LionsLead Certified Advisor, he will be using a tested and proven approach to assess current leadership capacity and catalyze an opportunity for growth.  

In joining the Guywire Advisor team, Scott brings 30 years of health care experience as a clinician leader and educator.  He discovered at an early stage in his doctoral and residency training, that he was gifted with the ability to teach and worked diligently to develop that gift.  

Professional contributions as a post-graduate instructor have taken him to nearly every US state as well as international destinations.  He has developed coursework, lead seminars, presented at clinical symposia and conferences and authored professional publications.   

Scott is a founding member of Guywire Ministry where he serves on the leadership team and speaks regularly at their annual Men’s conference - Connect.  One of his very favorite things to do is head to the mountains for EPIC HIKE adventures. 

He is an active member at his home church contributing on the worship team, drama ministry and as a guest speaker.  Scott is blessed to be father to his 2 children, Carly and Luke, and husband to Carol, his amazing partner.  

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Scott Chapman

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