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Derek Churchill

President and Founder

Derek is the President and Founder of Guywire Advisors, an organization committed to developing highly effective leaders. Derek is also the Founder of Guywire Ministry, an organization focused on helping men develop their relationship with God and becoming the leaders they were meant to be. 

Derek's passion for Leadership extends to both Ministry and Marketplace organizations. Leadership capacity for both the individual and the organization is a key driver to success in life. 

In addition to his role as a leader and speaker in Guywire, Derek is a Master Certified Advisor in Leadership Development with LionsLead, trained coach through Professional Christian Coaching Institute and serves on the National Advisory Council for A Christian Ministry in the National Parks and as an Advisor for G1 Outdoors.

Through his leadership, coaching and consulting experience he has worked with leaders in various industries including Aerospace, Communications, Defense, Medical, Food Safety, Plastic Packaging, Microelectronic and Syntactic Materials.

Derek is passionate about mountain top experiences. As part of the Guywire journey he leads. with other men, an outdoor leadership and spiritual development experience known as EPIC HIKE. These trips include trekking excursions across the country to weekend leadership schools. 

The picture above was taken at 12,100' on top of the Continental Divide.


Derek Churchill
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